Oxford Shoes

The History of Oxford Shoes

Oxfords originated in Ireland and in Scotland where they then moved on to other parts of the world. During the 1800’s they made their appearance in the US and was known as “Balmoral”. They made a great impact under the students of the Oxford University who was currently protesting against the “knee” or “ankle” boot and that is where the shoe got its new name the “Oxford”. Oxford also adapted to the changes in the world and during the 1900’s it started making a range of woman’s shoes as well. During 1920 the shoes became prevalent among woman of all statures and from 1940 to 1950 the number of woman wearing Oxford shoes rose significantly.

Women’s Oxfords were designed with higher heals and suitable colors to allow woman their preference of elegance. Oxford adapted their design and permitted more freedom to their woman’s range than with their men’s range. Originally Oxfords were only made from leather, but later revised their material used to allow the use of suede, calf leather, canvas and patented leather. This also made it easier to deliver their woman’s range in an extensive variety. Even today most Oxford shoes can be recognized by their unique stitching and lacing. Oxford produces a wide range of formal and casual wear shoes for men and women. Oxford shoes are designed to fit perfectly and place support in all the needed areas.

Mens Oxford Shoes

Oxford men’s range has an amazingly wide selection to choose from. They are made for comfort and ease. The quality of Oxford shoes has not changed even though it has allowed other materials to be used. Their sturdy soles and durable stitching has stayed the same. Here are two examples of this range, one formal and one casual.

  • Social Ladder Sued Wingtip’sMens Oxford Shoes has a beautiful design on the sued which almost gives it a formal appearance. And it comes in black, white, denim, sand and two greys. They are expertly designed for utmost comfort.
  • Chief of State Leather Oxfords are formal shoes ideal for the office or work. It is available in black and cognac. It has a perfect shine and is just as comfortable as the casual range.

Cole Haan Men's Cambridge Cap OxfordMens Oxford Shoes
Their men’s range of shoes has gone from only providing the wearer with the option of tight lace ups to buckles or loose lace ups and even slip-ons. You can choose from platforms, flats or the elevated heel type shoes. They have also added denim and cotton to their mix of materials used this allows for a more casual look. For the professional look try the Wing-tip or Cap-tip Oxford designs and for a more casual look try the Brogue Oxford. The Brogue Oxford has exquisite patterns along the edge of the shoe. Cap-toes have a protected strip over the toes and the Wing-tip’s a blaze around the cords. Oxford is constantly looking at ways to improve on our designs, quality and to make their shoes more user friendly in any way they can.

Womans Oxford Shoes

Oxford woman’s range is more elaborate than their men’s range, due to the style of woman being so diverse. They still bring the same comfort and quality to this range and also their perfect craftsmanship. This range has grown exponentially since the introduction of it to their product range. For woman there is slip-on, lace-ups and buckles. They also come in a more extensive color range and also offer a wider range of materials. They can also choose between, flat shoes, high heels, medium heels, boots and many more. Their woman’s range is so broad that they offer you a marvelous range of choices from bicycle, cap, wingtip, round toe and so many more.

Chie Mihara Women's Genesis Oxford ShoesWomens Oxford Shoes
Woman can wear Oxford’s shoes all day long and do not need to worry about their feet getting sore or tired; their shoes provide luxury and support. The inner cushions have added support and the shoes are designed to keep your feet cool all day. Whether you go for a jog or to the office and are on your feet eight hours a day the world is yours to conquer. Women usually have a problem with shoes that fit the toes and not over the bridge, they have solved this problem and our shoes fit any foot with ease. Their shoes will keep you adaptable in any situation. Oxford’s nonslip souls are perfect for walking on any surface.

Why choose Oxford Shoes

The Oxford ranges of shoes are so extensive you can wear them with any type of clothing and to any destination. They provide you with exclusively cushioned inner sole support and you can comfortably wear them all day long. With added heel padding and also front of foot cushioning support to all of their ranges, it gives you that extra protection and comfort when you have to stand for longer periods of time. The soles of their shoes have been designed to give you the most stability possible. The Oxford range of shoes will not make your feet sweat and accumulate peculiar odors.


Oxford shoes were made for men and have adjusted to change. They now stock an extensive collection of shoes for men and woman in all styles. Oxford prides themselves in their work and it reflects through their craftsmanship. If you want the best comfort and stability that there is available today, the Oxford range of shoes can offer it to you. Your shoes express who you are and how you live your life. Shouldn’t you wear a shoe that says I am successful and proud, be it at the office or relaxing with friends.

Oxford shoes are enduring and you can take them anywhere; you can take them hiking, climbing, to the office or the family B-B-Q and know that you are relaxed. Where ever you go, whatever the reason, for all occasions there is an Oxford shoe that is perfect. If you have not yet worn an Oxford shoe you have still to experience the magic that they have to offer. They are committed to delivering high quality shoes that offer you comfort and stability. Oxford goes beyond just the supplying of an astonishing shoe, they bring you freedom and style in such a way that you won’t even know you have been standing the whole day.